Small Miku Realistic Pussy Stroker

small-mikuMiku Realistic Pussy ($32)
An incredibly realistic pussy toy for men from Japan that features an intricately ribbed and textured canal that feels even better than the real thing. Setting out to improve upon the near perfect love hole of a tight Japanese girl, the Miku realistic pussy delivers the goods in the form of remarkable male masturbator that costs half as much as a Fleshlight. Miku’s sweet tight pussy will caress and stimulate your penis with each exquisite stroke.

Pussy to Go Male Masturbator with Pump

pussy-to-go-masturbator-with-pumpPussy to Go Masturbator ($30)

This pump masturbator is a pussy to take anywhere with you – just lube up and slide in to the textured sleeve.

The simple to use pump allows you to increase the pressure and tightness for optimum stimualation.

The hardshell case is easy to grip for awesome handjob stroking sensations!

Dangerous Petals Japanese Pussy Toy

Dangerous Petals Japanese Pussy Toy ($22)


Superb little pussy toy straight from Japan that will have you exploding your cum inside the tight hole of a large breasted manga teen sex goddess. Intricate nodules and ridges on the surface of the inner masturbation sleeve will grip to your cock like a sexy teenager in love with you.

Blush Sexy Snatch Pussy

blush snatchBlush Sexy Snatch ($7)

A super cheap pussy toy that is super stretchy and contains stimulating beads running along its inner masturbation sleeve.  Not the best male masturbator you can buy, but certainly one you should consider at the price if you want something extremely portable.  Open end makes it easy to clean – but take care when masturbating as your jizz will fly through onto whatever you’re resting it on.  Best to put a towel down underneath!

Maria Latina Pussy

Maria Latina PussyMaria Latina Pussy ($19)

A tight and tempting pocket pussy toy for lovers of latin women, the Maria Latina is made from RealSkin material, which according to a lot of male sex toy fans, is ‘more real’ than the real thing.

As you would expect, the pussy toy has a ribbed interior measuring 5″ in length and is nice and snug without being too tight.

A good cheap pocket pussy that is a must buy for men with a latina fixation.

Anime Tight Pussy Toy

anime serikas tight pussy masturbatorAnime SerikaS Tight Pussy Masturbator ($6)

How can you say no to the soft and stretchy pussy of this cute Anime girl, especially when it will only cost you an amazingly cheap $6 to experience the joy of being inside her pink love hole?

This tight, but accomodating pussy toy not only looks pretty, it has a textured masturbation sleeve interior as well.  The Japanese must want Western men to experience the thrill of anime girl masturbation so much they are practically giving these amazing toys away for free!

At $6, you don’t really have much to risk in buying this appealing Japanese pussy toy for men.  A definate must have!

Briana Pocket Pussy

Briana Pocket PussyBriana Pocket Pussy ($26)

The Briana Pocket Pussy has a number of features that make it a tempting buy for fans of pussy toys for men.  First of all it has been modelled on the very pussy of one of the most famous pornstars in the world.  Secondly it’s made from UR3 material, one of the most lifelike sex toy materials there is.  Another great feature is that it has a flat base, meaning that it’s a great pussy toy for a hands free masturbation session.